The blog is reborn in WordPress!

After long being neglected, my blog has been rebuilt and reborn.

The blog always gets relegated to poor second cousin to project work and customer sites, and has suffered as a result. It’s a personal thing and relies on me keeping it up to date to be of value.

Recently I had a bit of an activity spurt and inspiration, and decided to rejuvenate the site.

I decided to leave Drupal behind, and rebuild the site in WordPress. Drupal is my favourite content management system, capable of pretty much anything, but for a small personal blog I simply didn’t need the overhead.

WordPress, however, continues to move forward in leaps and bounds. Updates are easy, and most importantly I can write posts quickly and easily from a mobile.


This means I can start a post from my iPhone, iPad or computer when inspiration takes hold. A big plus. And something Drupal has struggled with for a long time. Here’s hoping Drupal 8 addresses mobile support.


I can also easily schedule posts, and manage a basic blog. I don’t need anything overly complex, just an SEO friendly, responsive blog.

The other benefit here is spending time with another content management system. I spend so much time on Drupal that it’s often worth brushing up on other popular platforms like WordPress.

Just don’t get me started on Joomla.

So what am I going to try to cover on the reborn blog?

  • Marketing. Particularly digital marketing, and integrating email and social media all together.
  • Video. Tips for basic video production, and using the awesome Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.
  • Anything else marketing/design/digital that takes my fancy.

Got anything else you’d like me to cover? Just email, tweet or post in the comments.


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