Give us a mo’ – Movember 2009

Taken from Primetime, Summer 2009

There were military toothbrushes, Chopper specials, Mexican bandit lookalikes, razor-sharp pencil lines and that old favourite, the Aussie cricketer.

Whether brown, blond, grey or ginger, moustaches sprouted all over PIRSA for the annual charity fur-face fest Movember.

Dozens of staff took up the challenge, with SARDI taking to the mo like Merv Hughes to an impromptu exercise session.

SARDI’s team of 24 mo bros raised just over $6000 for prostate cancer research, prompting Executive Director Rob Lewis to offer to amputate his beard if they could up the amount by $1000. Stay tuned.

Download the original article in Primetime, Summer 2009


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