Personal Communication is the Key with USA Customers

Taken from Australian Southern Rocklobster Industry News, September 2008

“Southern Rocklobster Limited is launching an intensive communications strategy over the coming year in order to further strengthen the USA market development program,” Ms Lucy Hinge, SRL USA based Marketing Officer announced today.

SRL’s communications plan has been developed based on in-market research and recommendations made in the University of South Australia communications plan (Jardine & Jones, 2008), Pitcher Partners report (Pitcher Partners, 2008) and findings from the DAFF Environmental Management Systems report and project. “Market research conducted by Uni SA identified that direct interaction is the most effective way to communicate with high-end chefs in the US market, as other forms of communication do not sufficiently engage the chef,” Ms Hinge said.

The strategy is aimed primarily at communicating with super premium fine dining chefs in the USA through a range of communications tools and activities.

“The direct face-to-face approach with the chefs has been found to establish personal and lasting relationships.”

The program will be undertaken by the SRL Market Development team of Matt Muggleton and Lucy Hinge, who are now based in Los Angeles for 2 years. The team will be supplemented with three additional Americans to be based on the East Coast and Mid West.

Matt Muggleton will be responsible for managing all US operations including the market development team, while Lucy Hinge will handle logistics, administration, communication and in-house development support.

“Past research indicates that the key features of the lobster that the market team and program need to convey is its premium quality and being a wild product from a sustainable fishery,” she added.

The communications program will include:

  • participating in trade shows that are attended by a variety of high-end chefs, consumers and members of the hospitality industry
  • a stand and tank display at the upcoming International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show in November 9 – 11 in New York
  • interacting with key US print and media bodies
  • conducting in-store tastings and trials
  • upgrading the SRL website, and
  • regular communication with chefs via personal contact, direct mail and emails.

“The 2008/09 season is a critical time for SRL’s USA trade facilitation program and we are very focussed on incrementally building the program,” Ms Hinge concluded.

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